The Extraordinary Being Movement

Show Time

Monday's 8-9p



WHAT THIS IS ABOUT:  This movement is to awaken people up to a new conscious level of existence. The world doesn’t care if you succeed! The world caters to average, unfulfilled and mediocre people with the “I want“ lifestyles and mentality. 


THE EXTRAORDINARY BEING MOVEMENT is to take you from the WANT mindset to your WHY, one of CLARITY and PURPOSE, to create a better you, establish stronger relationships, live a life you love with the ability to connect and be filled with joy. 


You will be entertained, enlightened, and moved while learning from seasoned coaches in areas of business, finance, dating, relationship and mindset and enjoy exclusive interviews with up coming influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. 


The world hungers for people to just watch from the sidelines. Play the game, create your own set of rules and build an unapologetic commitment to your success.


So, we ask, “Why be Ordinary? When you can be Extraordinary!”