Aerial Photos Of Closed Disney World Show An Empty Magic Kingdom

The four parks in Walt Disney World are usually packed with crowds seven days a week, however, the House of Mouse closed their doors last week in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Following Disney World's closure, a blog called was able to fly over the Florida theme park and snap some aerial photos of the now empty Magic Kingdom. Fans used to the bustling crowds in the parks are sure to find the photos quite eerie.

The aerial tour takes you through each "land" in Magic Kingdom, showing Disney fans what the parks look like without a single guest or cast member inside. Not only are guests and cast members not allowed in the parks for the time being, Disney has also paused all ongoing construction projects in the parks, as well, even though construction has been deemed an essential business during the ongoing pandemic. In Tomorrowland, the temporarily abandoned construction site where the new Tron coaster was being built can be seen in the aerial shots.

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