Color red consumes retired European schoolteacher’s life

(NBC) – You don’t have to ask one retired European schoolteacher what her favorite color is. All you have to do is look at her.

The 67-year-old Bosnian woman wears red from head to toe, literally. Her hair is dyed bright red and just about everything in her house is red.

She and her husband eat from red plates, drink from red glasses and sleep in red bedding.

It’s not just a passing fancy. She has lived this way for decades.

She was married in a red gown and even goes to funerals dressed in red. And when she and her husband die, they’ll be buried next to red granite headstones already in place at their gravesite.

Asked to explain her obsession, she said the strong urge to wear red came on around age 18.

She said the color gives her “the feeling of strength and power.”

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