People In Self-Isolation Are Giving Themselves Haircuts And It's Disastrous

ByDave Basner

Millions of people across the globe find themselves mandated to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many of those folks don't have much to do and a surprising amount have taken it upon themselves to cut their own hair. With their locks growing a tiny bit with each passing day, and salons and barber shops closed for the time being, men and women have actually chosen to give themselves a trim. There might be some success stories out there, but most people who attempted to be their own stylist failed miserably., which is run by student reporters in the U.K., collected some examples of people who tried to do their own haircuts and the results are pretty hilarious. Whether they were just trimming bangs or doing an easy bowl cut, no one walked away from their self-cut pleased:

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