Spring Break Partier Apologizes For Downplaying Coronavirus Risks

posted by R.J. Johnson - @rickerthewriter - Mar 24, 2020

The spring breaker who went viral last week for telling a CBS News reporter that "if I get corona, I get corona," has apologized for his comments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brady Sluder, a recent graduate of Milford High School near Cincinnati, Ohio, apologized in a note posted to his Instagram account on Sunday, writing that he's realized that he's not invincible after all.

"I would like to sincerely apologize for the insensitive comment I made in regards to COVID-19 while on spring break," Sluder posted in a note to his Instagram account on Sunday. "I wasn't aware of the severity of my actions and comments. I'd like to take this time to own up to the mistakes I've made and apologize to the people I've offended."

"Like many others, I have elderly people who I adore more than anything in the world and other family members who are at risk, and I understand how concerning this disease is for us all," Sluder wrote. "Our generation may feel invincible, like I did when I commented, but we have a responsibility to listen and follow the recommendations in our communities."

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