Taco Bell Debuts Its Longest Shell Ever With The Triplelupa

Taco Bell is introducing an intriguingly fantastic new version of the Chalupa. The Tripleupa offers the classic Chalupa "three times longer. Here's the details of this wonder. Triplelupa, which combines three mini chalupas to create the longest shell in Taco Bell history. This latest spin on the fan-favorite Chalupa is the first ever tear-apart menu item at Taco Bell. Each of the mini shells have different flavors: Nacho Cheese on one end, Chipotle on the other, and a combination of the two, Cheesy Chipotle, in the middle.

  1. Taco Bell is also introducing Veggie Mode to their self-service kiosks on Thursday (March 12), which will allow customers to order meat-free versions of any of their classic meat-centric menu items. Hopefully the Tripleupa will be available on Veggie Mode, too. The Triplelupa starts at $3.49 plus tax and is available for a limited-time only. Will you be testing out this latest version of the Chalupua?Photo: Taco Bell

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