Would You Get Infected With The Corona Virus For $4,500

A U.K. laboratory studying the coronavirus pandemic is looking for 24 volunteers to inject with the virus as part of a program dubbed FluCamp.

The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in London is offering to pay human lab rats £3,500 (about $4,500) for their time and trouble.

The research company is wants to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, which has killed about 3,800 people worldwide, as of Tuesday afternoon.

Interested human guinea pigs will undergo a bunch of tests before being selected. They will then be injected with two of the virus' weaker strains, 0C43 and 229E. Patients can expect to have respiratory symptoms before being given new or existing vaccines to treat the disease.

Doctors studying and treating the patients will be outfitted in protective clothing to prevent the spread of the infection. They will be charged with analyzing the patients' symptoms and responses to the vaccines. The lab says results will help researchers find the most effective treatments and fast-track them to the marketplace.

About 20 research firms are racing to develop a vaccine for the disease, which could be ready by next winter, according to a Times of London report.

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