Bullied Teen Fights Back with Her Voice

Bullied Teen Fights Back with Her Voice


Andrea Crawford was bullied and torment all day by terrible students who've even made teacher quit. Yo can already imagine how bad this is but it gets worse not only is she bullied by people at school but also online. Why? Why is the questions on the minds of every victim facing a bully. But just like most of the other cases it was for something small.  


Andera says, An elderly man came back from retirement, but as he was leading a lesson, one of the pupils threw a book and a plastic bottle at his face and called him horrible names, I turned around and said to them: ‘That’s not right.’ And they haven’t liked the fact I was trying to be nice about the situation. Ever since then, the group tried to make my life hell.” 


She goes on to say that later that day she was attacked by 10 girls in front of everybody including the the deputy head teacher. Luckily Andera coped with her bullies by writing and performing music these two things later being put up to YouTube where a London-based record company saw her talent and Andera. 


Now an anti-bullying anthem. she is releasing a debut single, “Trip and Fall,” 


This is what Andera says about why she wrote this song “I want it to inspire others and raise awareness that there’s always help available to them — no matter how bad things may be,” she said. 


Presently Andrea's song gets played at her school gatherings, and she can spread energy at where she was once tormented.



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October 28, 2017

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