Katie Renfroe the “girl who can’t be diagnosed.”

Katie Renfroe the “girl who can’t be diagnosed.”

September 6, 2017


They call Katie Renfroe the a girl who isn't diagnosed." Her mom, Angie Renfroe, is as yet anticipating answers from Katie's specialists. Notwithstanding, specialists have said the likelihood that the condition, which has interesting side effects, may be named after Katie. "I do not know why her face is the way it is — I do know that when she has surgeries, the only thing they move from her face is fatty tissue," Angie disclosed to Barcroft TV.


At this point, as far as I know, no one knows anything that is wrong with her. They’ve checked her for dwarfism, they’ve checked her for so many things that I can’t even remember, but everything comes back that she doesn’t have it." The Florida mother discovered Katie had megalencephaly during childbirth. The condition causes the abundance of the mind. In any case, it doesn't clarify any of Katie's different side effects. Katie has seizures, can't walk or talk, and should be bolstered through a tube. Pediatric hereditary qualities and cranio-facial issue pro Dr. Roman Yusupov is at a misfortune. 


“I have never seen anything like it; she is truly unique and perhaps one in a million,” Dr. Yusupov said. “Her diagnosis is very interesting. I think she has what is known as an overgrowth syndrome in which different body parts start to increase in size." Katie has had various surgeries, however in her huge family, the young lady is cheerful. Truth be told, she has an incredible persisting identity, as per Angie. Because of Katie's mysterious condition, she has persevered through various surgeries for the duration of her life, including mind surgery at only 9 months old. 


"She just loves life. She also has a little devious side to her where she likes to try and booby trap the house to see if she can make us fall. And she finds it very hilarious," Angie said. Katie goes to a school for youngsters who have inabilities and can learn and utilize PCs. While her determination is as yet obscure, her family has made it workable for her to carry on with a cheerful life. 

"I really think that her future is going to be as happy as we can possibly make it, and as content as we can possibly make her," Angie says. "We can have the darkest days in the world, but she’ll just laugh or smile and it gives us so much. She just makes us happy."

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