Mark Salling's Autopsy Reveals Alcohol in His System During Suicide

Mark Salling's Autopsy Reveals Alcohol in His System During Suicide


Check Salling had liquor in his framework when he hanged himself, and clearly found a way to avoid specialists only before the suicide ... TMZ has learned. 

As indicated by the aftereffects of Salling's post-mortem ... he had no less than a 0.08% BAC - which implies he was exactly at the purpose of legitimate inebriation. The toxicology report likewise demonstrates he was not on some other medications. 


The report portrays the demise scene - Salling was hanging by a nylon rope which was attached to a branch a little more than 6 feet over the ground. The coroner says it was wrapped around his neck five times. 


The post-mortem examination likewise notes Salling had endeavored to kill himself months earlier by cutting his wrists. His wrist entry points were around 2.5 centimeters and 6.5 centimeters on each hand, as indicated by the coroner. 

The last time the previous "Happiness" star was seen alive was with his dad sitting in front of the TV at their family home at around 11:30 PM. His mom found he was missing directly after 12 pm. Salling had discarded his lower leg screen and left it down the road from his home. 


He was booked to meet with the post trial supervisor in his kid porn case the day he kicked the bucket.

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October 28, 2017

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