Pete Rose Is a High Stakes Degenerate Gambler, Wife Claims

Pete Rose Is a High Stakes Degenerate Gambler, Wife Claims


Three stunning snippets of data about Pete Rose in new court docs ... 

1) He's still in fact wedded to his second spouse, Carol, in spite of petitioning for separate in 2011 and traipsing around for a considerable length of time with a substantially more youthful sweetheart. 

2) Rose professedly makes more than $1 MILLION every year in salary from signature signings. 

3) He blows the greater part of his trade out high stakes betting sessions and has critical obligations with gambling clubs and the IRS. 


The assertions are all piece of new separation docs recorded by his irritated spouse, Carol Rose, who wedded Pete in 1984. Pete at first documented separation docs of his own to end the marriage in '11, yet things have dragged they're still in fact wedded. Presently, Carol claims Pete is twitching her around in the separation - and she needs what she accepts is her legitimate cut of the group property. 


Hymn claims Pete is making a base $100,000 every month - principally from day by day marking appearances. That is $1.2 mil yearly for all you mathematicians out there. She's requesting that the judge arrange Pete to lay out his money related circumstance to the court so they can hash out a legitimate settlement lastly end their marriage for the last time. 

Good fortunes ...

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October 28, 2017

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