Prince's Alleged Biological Daughter Wants to Make Claim to His Estate

Prince's Alleged Biological Daughter Wants to Make Claim to His Estate


Prince might've had an organic little girl who was never circled in on what might occur with the late vocalist's home ... so asserts a lady in new lawful docs. 

The lady being referred to, Snowe Melinda Saxman, documented printed material in a Minnesota court - acquired by TMZ - in which she says she trusts she's Prince's introduction to the world girl ... be that as it may, her proof is entirely thin. 


Saxman says she was received, and never knew her genuine guardians - at the same time, in light of her "generous physical, sensitive and optimistic likenesses to Prince" ... she has motivation to trust she's his genuine child. She likewise guarantees she looks like Prince, and has melodic ability like her dad. As she puts it ... she's "exceptionally aesthetic" and a "characteristic conceived star." 


There's more ... Saxman goes ahead to state she as of late completed an individual verification of herself through an organization called Family Tree DNA, which she guarantees demonstrates she's coordinated up hereditary qualities savvy with various individuals in Prince's family tree, including John Lewis Nelson, Mattie Della Baker, and others. She says she didn't coordinate with Prince specifically 'cause his DNA's not in the framework. 


She says she was never told in regards to any procedures in Prince's probate case, which a portion of his beneficiaries assert is consuming money like insane dealing with the artist's after death issues. Sounds like she needs to get in on the Estate ... what's more, assert some authority to one side behind. 

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