Kobe Bryant Denied By Oscar Academy, You Don't Have a Body Of Work



Kobe Bryant just got rejected at the edge by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - which just denied enrollment to the Mamba ... guaranteeing he doesn't have an adequate assemblage of work. 


You know what he does have? AN OSCAR!!!! 

Kobe won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for "Dear Basketball" - which was based off a retirement letter he distributed on The Players' Tribune in 2015. Kobe is credited as the official maker and author of the film. 

Important, Oscar champs are naturally considered for participation - yet it is anything but a shoe-in. The board votes on who gets enrollment in view of a particular criteria. 


One of the things on the agenda for makers - "have what might as well be called 2 maker screen credits and play out most of the elements of a maker on dramatic element movies of the bore which in the conclusion of the official board of trustees mirror the elevated expectations of the Academy." 

For the record, Kobe delivered the docu-arrangement 'Dream' - yet it doesn't create the impression that would qualify under the Academy's models since it was created for TV. 


All things considered, there are a few people who trust the participation refusal is because of Kobe's dubious past and the ascent of the #MeToo development. 

In spite of the reality Kobe was supported by the Academy when he won at the Oscars, there has been not kidding blowback. Along these lines, is this extremely about Kobe's resume ... or then again terrible P.R.?

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October 28, 2017

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