Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Pulls Money Scheme In Nigeria, Sued for $2 Mil

Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Pulls Money Scheme In Nigeria, Sued for $2 Mil

July 3, 2018



It's the inverse of those online tricks - a Nigerian organization claims it was screwed out of a fortune by a well off American ... what's more, now he's suing Floyd Mayweather to recover his cash. The organization behind the claim is Zinni Media - which claims it booked Floyd to show up in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017 ... for the low, low entirety of $375,000!!!! 


The organization says it got Floyd to show up - thus, they thought they were ready! They even wired him $210,000 ahead of time. In any case, days before the primary occasion, Floyd safeguarded - and the organization was given the shaft. 

In the suit, Zinni claims Floyd's reps offered to reschedule for Dec. 2017 - and added more appearances to the rundown - yet, he additionally raised the cost to $550,000. Zinni claims they were told they could utilize the $210k toward the new reserving cost. Zinni says they ACCEPTED the new arrangement - be that as it may, when they requested that Floyd make another video affirming the new dates, he safeguarded again ... also, stayed away forever the first $210,000. 


Presently, Zinni is making lawful move in government court in California - guaranteeing Floyd harmed their notoriety and duped them. Zinni needs in any event $2 MILLION to make things right. Ought to be love seat pad cash for Floyd ... be that as it may, he likes a decent battle.

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