Kendall Jenner's Dog Bit Granddaughter of Prominent Lawyer Who Calls Her 'Presumptuous'

Kendall Jenner's Dog Bit Granddaughter of Prominent Lawyer Who Calls Her 'Presumptuous'



The young lady who was purportedly chomped by Kendall Jenner's canine has an intense granddad who is irate at Kendall and BF Ben Simmons, saying they were "egotistical" and heartless that his granddaughter was professedly assaulted. 

Separation lawyer Bob Cohen, who has repped a group of celebs, tells TMZ, his 5-year-old granddaughter and her mother were going into a store where Ben, Kendall and her Doberman Pinscher were sitting outside. Cohen says the pooch jumped without incitement and bit the young lady on the arm, breaking the skin and drawing a little measure of blood. 


A source near Kendall invalidates Cohen, saying the puppy never bit the young lady. We're told the puppy was startled by the young lady and woofed ... be that as it may, there was no physical contact. He says Kendall and Ben never inquired as to whether the young lady was alright ... Cohen says they simply reserved it, abandoning the young lady. Our Kendall source says the two remaining after they decided there was no nibble ... they'd never abandon a major circumstance. 


Cohen, who says his family has known the Kardashians throughout the years, says it's "the tallness of haughtiness" that Kendall and Ben were so coldhearted. He says the young lady went to a drug store where the drug specialist cleaned the injury and put a type of pharmaceutical on the injury. He says the young lady is at the specialist now. Cohen lets us know there won't be a claim, however he's pissed at the manner in which Jenner dealt with it. 

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