Deven Davis, Wife of Korn Lead Singer Jonathan Davis, Dead at 39

Deven Davis, Wife of Korn Lead Singer Jonathan Davis, Dead at 39

August 18, 2018



The spouse of the lead vocalist of Korn has kicked the bucket Friday ... what's more, it goes ahead the foot rear areas of a demand for an abusive behavior at home controlling request and real medication issues ... TMZ has learned. Deven Davis was the alienated spouse of Jonathan Davis. Deven was a previous porn star who wedded Jonathan in 2004. They had 2 children together. Jonathan petitioned for separate in October 2016, refering to beyond reconciliation contrasts. Jonathan petitioned for an abusive behavior at home controlling request today - August 17, 2018. The judge issued a brief request hindering any tyke authority or appearance by Deven. The controlling request additionally restricts her from having contact with the family pooch, Chaos. 


Our sources say Deven was uninformed Jonathan documented the controlling request ... she had not been served. Jonathan affirmed in the docs Deven was profound into drugs - something she had battled with for over 20 years. He charged her medication utilize was making passionate damage the children through disregard. He says in his court announcement she has been subject to both remedy and illicit opiates. She'd been to recovery 6 times and "is always affected by the nitrous oxide, cocaine and Norco." 


Jonathan guaranteed she had a street pharmacist beau who was as of late gone out on her lounge love seat when he conveyed the children to her home. Jonathan says he found a heroin pipe and cocaine skimming in the latrine bowl and discovered Deven go out on the floor upstairs. Also, there's this ... Jonathan claims when she gorged on drugs she would "routinely bring home unpleasant characters, including outsiders. A portion of these individuals are arbitrary fanatics of my music who she permits to come into the house, go into the main room wardrobe and attempt on my garments." 


As indicated by the docs, Deven had been in a calm home however went AWOL last Friday and hadn't been seen for seven days. 

Now we don't have the foggiest idea about the reason for death. 

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