Lewis Hamilton Riding with Nicki Minaj Amid Dating Rumors

Lewis Hamilton Riding with Nicki Minaj Amid Dating Rumors

September 27, 2018



Another turn in the Nicki Minaj, Lewis Hamilton "Are They Dating?" adventure - with more signs indicating yes. This time, the two were riding ATVs together in Dubai. Keep in mind, Lewis and Nicki touched off the dating bits of gossip recently when they hung out at NY Fashion week - and afterward went on a supper date a while later. There was a really telling picture where Nicki was contacting Lewis' leg with her pinky ... which appeared to be pretty coquettish to us. 


Lewis simply posted the pic of the two riding a quad in the desert - yet the pic was taken a couple of days back in light of the fact that currently she's in Brazil. 

Vague if the two had business in Dubai and happened to keep running into one another - or if this was a sentimental escape. 


Lewis has been really private about his connections - regardless of the reality he's been connected to probably the most acclaimed ladies on the planet ... from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner. 


Things being what they are, would they say they are dating or just companions? Our cash's on dating.

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