Mitch McConnell Says 'I Will Not Be Intimidated' After Restaurant Confrontation

October 24, 2018



Congressperson Mitch McConnell says he won't be scared from the "extreme left" horde ... this is his response to the furious encounter at a Louisville eatery throughout the end of the week. The Senate Majority Leader is responding to the video TMZ posted Saturday ... where an incensed man beat his clench hands on the table where McConnell and his significant other were having supper. As we detailed, before the video was shot, the man snatched their doggie pack and heaved the nourishment out the entryway. 


McConnell says it quite obvious ... "I won't be threatened." He proceeds to criticize a spreading swarm mindset that he says is common among the extreme left, however demands he will keep doing his activity and concentrating on issues that issue to the country ... like the opioid emergency. Mitch likewise says that the sort of conduct he and his significant other experienced is winding up more typical because of conspicuous liberal pioneers like Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, who as of late said ... "When they go low, we kick them." 


McConnell censures, "One side can keep on throwing mud, scorn, and harmful conduct until the point when we achieve a limit." Government officials left and right have been come up short on eateries of late, including Ted Cruz and, obviously, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. What we're hearing out of Mitch ... expedite it.

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