Caitlyn Jenner Says She Was Wrong About Trump

Caitlyn Jenner Says She Was Wrong About Trump

October 26, 2018


Caitlyn Jenner is completing an entire 180 over her past help of President Trump, now saying she wasn't right in regards to the person ... this in the wake of mounting reaction from the LGBT people group. In an opinion piece through the Washington Post, Caitlyn says she has come to acknowledge there is basically no breaking through to the Trump organization on issues vital to her and the trans network. 


She says it explicitly ... "In spite of the feedback I got from fragments of the LGBTQ people group for drawing in with this organization, I stayed cheerful for constructive change. Unfortunately, I wasn't right." Caitlyn says she went to D.C. to campaign the instruct individuals from Congress over LGBT issues, which seem like they were ostensibly fruitful, yet after reports proposing the Trump organization needs to entirely characterize sexual orientation the nation over ... she says she's abandoned him. 


She goes in on Trump, saying ... "Actually the trans network is by and large tirelessly assaulted by this president. The pioneer of our country has demonstrated no respect for an as of now minimized and battling network. He has overlooked our mankind." 


She includes, "He has offended our poise. He has made trans individuals into political pawns as he throws together hostility against us trying to stimulate the most conservative section of his gathering, asserting his enemy of transgender strategies are intended to 'secure the nation.'" Caitlyn specifies one final clear sign that she's never again on Team Trump by saying ... "My expectation in him — in them — was lost, and I can't bolster any individual who is neutralizing our locale. I don't bolster Trump. I should gain from my missteps and push ahead." 



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