Hear Ariana Grande Song Released Just Before 'SNL,' Mentions Pete Davidson, Mac Miller

November 4, 2018



Record mark sources tell TMZ, the larger subject of the tune - titled "Thank u, next" - is strengthening ... what she's experienced in her connections and different encounters. We're let it know isn't a diss track. Our sources say she particularly names Pete, Mac and others ... be that as it may, she doesn't follow Pete the manner in which she did not long ago after he freely kidded about their separation. She had blamed him for being a two-timer ... imagining he wasn't into being in the spotlight yet holding tight for dear life. 


We're revealed to Ariana felt double-crossed by Pete and wouldn't like to take the risk that he'll discuss their separation today around evening time on 'SNL' as she just sits by. As we revealed ... Pete was anticipating tending to it, yet 86'd the thought after she made it obvious they had a consent to keep their relationship private. In any case, anything could occur. 


Among the verses, which she posted, "Got so much love ..... got so much persistence ..... I've gained from the torment ..... furthermore, turnt out amazin ..... let's assume I've cherished and I've lost ..... in any case, that is not what I see cause look what I got ..... look what you educated me." It goes on ... "Cause look what I discovered ..... ain't no requirement for looking and for that I say ..... thank u, next."

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