Dallas Woman Left in Coma After Botched Nose Job Procedure in Mexico

Dallas Woman Left in Coma After Botched Nose Job Procedure in Mexico

November 14, 2018




A Dallas lady who went to Mexico for a nose work is currently battling for her life after the bungled method placed her in a trance like state, and her family is frantically endeavoring to show signs of improvement restorative consideration. 

Land specialist Laura Avila headed out to Ciudad Juarez a month ago to spare some money on the plastic medical procedure, as it's fundamentally less expensive there. Her lawyer, Larry Friedman, discloses to TMZ the anesthesia utilized on her was directed mistakenly ... also, much too soon. 


We're told the facility staff left Laura under anesthesia for quite a long time in light of the fact that the head doc was running late. Subsequently, Laura endured serious mind swelling and went into a state of insensibility. 

Laura was stuck in Mexico for 8 days before her family could at long last exchange her to a healing facility in El Paso, TX, where specialists uncovered she'd must be kept bursting at the seams with breathing cylinders and machines, or be taken off life bolster. The family presently needs a second assessment in Dallas. 


The issue ... we're told they're experiencing difficulty getting Laura admitted to an office in Dallas, since she purportedly needs protection. The family has made a GoFundMe page to help with restorative expenses. 

Friedman lets us know ... "We needn't bother with any certifications from anybody, we simply need better conclusion and treatment."

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