Ray Rice Offers to Help Kareem Hunt, 'He Has a Long Life to Live'

December 3, 2018


Ray Rice says Kareem Hunt's assault on a lady shouldn't be the minute that characterizes his life - and now the ex-NFL running is putting forth to work withHunt as he works through his issues. Rice talked with NFL.com and recognized the "self-evident" likenesses between Hunt's occurrence and Ray's 2014 lift assault ... what's more, feels he's in a situation to show Hunt how to gain from this circumstance and better himself. 


"Distributed, I would endeavor to enable him to make sense of, 'How might we begin managing the hidden issues throughout your life?'" Rice said. 

"Since he has a long life to live, this will be a pivotal turning point, yet it shouldn't be the minute that characterizes you. For me, I simply observe you have a long life to live and that doesn't mean simply playing football - you have to quite recently live baby steps." 


Rice was inquired as to whether he could've given a message to Hunt BEFORE the lodging assault, what might have said to the running back. 

"To start with, I would take a gander at the circumstance and say, 'How could I even get at that time?' Because whatever what was done at that time, something unfolded before it even arrived." 


"Also, truly, while I don't know whether liquor or any substances were included, I realize those things can frequently assume a job. I am not accusing any individual who was with him, but rather I wish somebody that was with him, if he's not in his correct personality ... would've said to him, 'Take a gander at the circumstance. Is it worth gambling it just for a brief instant choice - for something you realize you can escape?'" 

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