Pro-Life Trump Supporter Charged for Death Threat Voicemail to U.S. Senator

December 13, 2018


An ace life Donald Trump supporter was captured and charged in New York for compromising to "put a slug" in a U.S. representative ... TMZ has learned. 

Brooklyn occupant Michael Brogan was accused Wednesday of compromising to kill the anonymous congressperson. Examiners say the representative's staff cautioned experts recently when they got an irritating and undermining voice message. 


As indicated by court docs, Brogan supposedly said partially, "You are a flat out bit of s**t, Senator. Congressperson, and I place that in quotes, you're a f**king fake. You watch your rear end cause I [unintelligible], I will put a projectile in ya." 

The message goes on ... "When I'm in D.C. furthermore, you're there, I got your f**king mark on you dumb bitch. You and your steady attacking of President Trump. Goodness, conceptive rights, regenerative rights. Guess what? I'm reviling and I'm in wrongdoing a direct result of individuals like you, alright? Cause I esteem the natural appropriate to life." 


As indicated by docs, the message closes ... "On the off chance that I saw you, I'd snuff your dumb f**king ass. I'd put a f**king slug in you. You watch your can. On the off chance that I see you in the city, I'm going to f**king light you up with f**king projectiles." 


Examiners say police had the capacity to follow the get back to Brogan's number, and decided he'd gone to D.C. for the March for Life challenge in 2017 and 2018. They say Brogan conceded calling the representative, however didn't review subtleties of what he'd said.

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