Kanye West Unleashes on Drake for Allegedly Threatening His Life

Kanye West Unleashes on Drake for Allegedly Threatening His Life

December 14, 2018



Kanye West is following Drake difficult for setting out to request freedom on an example - before saying 'sorry' to Ye for dissing him on tracks ... also, it shows up getting down to business worked. Ye uncovered Thursday he got a content from his buddy, Free ... who said Drake needed to clear Kanye's tune, "Say You Will." Our sources affirm the demand was, actually, sent by Drake's camp. Kanye did not seem like he was in a giving temperament as he went off, saying regardless he hasn't understood that conciliatory sentiment he requested from Drizzy a couple of months prior. He requested he get it - freely amidst the Tweet storm - before he clears a damn thing. 


Ye reminded Drake he wasn't the person who gave Pusha T the intel about Drake's child, and included ... "It's everything love brother yet don't play with me. You remain excessively near play all these industry diversions brother" and followed up by saying ... "Sending purple emoticons When I'm managing mental poop I require my statements of regret now Not through bike either Not through Travis." 

Kanye additionally guarantees that Drake has been sneaking diss records on Travis Scott collabs, and messaging Kris Jenner to determine the status of the family. 


Appears as though it worked, Kanye just tweeted, "Drake at last called. Mission achieved." But, after all that he additionally says ... he's not clearing the example. JK? Presently, back to your routinely booked program.

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