Donald Trump Wishes Haters Happy New Year

Donald Trump Wishes Haters Happy New Year

January 1, 2019



Donald Trump put on a show to send well wishes to individuals who restrict him ... yet, let's face it, it was forceful and cowardly. Trump wished Happy New Year 2019 to his haters and the "phony news media." He likewise made it unmistakable ... the main individuals who might have a marvelous 2019 were the individuals who were not experiencing a phony ailment - Trump Derangement Syndrome. 


Trump has been playing Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone" ... digging in The White House over the occasions and griping none of the Democratic pioneers came to visit and break the gridlock that has closed down the central government. 

Trump's 2019 is going to get far increasingly troublesome, on the grounds that Democrats assume control over the House of Representatives Thursday.

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