Shaq Defends Kevin Hart, 'He Apologized, Move On'

Shaq Defends Kevin Hart, 'He Apologized, Move On'

January 12, 2019



Shaquille O'Neal is getting back to for individuals to back off Kevin Hart ... saying he shouldn't need to continue saying 'sorry' for his old homophobic jokes and needs everybody to "simply proceed onward." "A few people feel he committed an error," Shaq said ... "He was sorry for his misstep. I generally thought comics were permitted to break jokes." 


"Anybody that knows Kevin Hart should realize that anything he said was never noxious." Obviously, Shaq is alluding to a portion of Hart's tweets and stand-up bits from 2009 to 2011 - when the comic depicted how he'd respond on the off chance that he discovered his child was gay. 

"Yo if my child gets back home and attempt's 2 play with my little girls doll house I'm going 2 break it over his head and state n my voice 'stop that is gay,'" Hart tweeted in 2009.



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