Kevin the squirrel likes to steal snack

Kevin the squirrel likes to steal snack

May 29, 2019


According to Q13 News, there is a female squirrel, named Kevin, that has been pestering visitors to Seattle’s Discovery Parker. The animal has earned the reputation of being a unmannerly snack lover, showing a penchant for food with cheese flavors like Cheetos, Goldfish Cheez-its, and other salty treats


“She’ll go through zippers, tear through backpacks, strollers, climb into the stroller… very dexterous,” a park-goer familiar with Kevin’s sneaky antics told the FOX affiliate.


Local news is just catching on to this rodent burglar, but parents who often visit Discovery Park with their kids have been complaining about Kevin’s thieving ways on neighborhood Facebook groups for awhile.


The groups have warnings about an “aggressive” squirrel with a notched ear the haunts Discovery Park, popping off plastic lids and poking holes in bags to get to her coveted snacks, reports KUOW.



Unfortunately, the more people who learn about this fearless squirrel, who reportedly also goes by Geoffrey, Sammy or Skittles, the more people that seem to come to the park hoping to get a chance to meet Kevin and feed her themselves. This likely only increases Kevin’s bold behavior and love for Cheetos.


Overall, feelings appear to be mixed about Kevin’s dedication to cheese flavor. KUOW found that some think the animal is cute and empathy-worthy, while others were annoyed or even scared of the squirrel, with one mother admitting her son has had nightmares about Kevin.


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